Is maintaining and operating your data storage on-premises getting complicated and expensive? Are you wanting to increase efficiency while reducing downtime? You’re not alone. Every day, Daston helps more and more organizations reduce data center costs, increase uptime, and improve performance by migrating to the cloud.

Google recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study to determine the return on investment that companies could expect by migrating to the Google Cloud. The study determined that the companies interviewed reduced their management costs, experienced significant improvements in uptime and performance, and recognized significant cost savings. The interviewees vastly reduced licensing costs, along with the pressure of licensing audits. As these organizations worked with Google to modernize their environment, they further reduced their computer, management, and overpriced licensing costs.

The study’s key findings included:

  • Avoiding on-premises software, hardware, and licensing saves millions of dollars each year.

After moving core systems to Google Cloud, the interviewees realized major cost savings by reducing and ultimately eliminating their on-premises environments. As a result, they didn’t need to purchase new hardware and could cancel licenses tied to managing their on-premises equipment.

  • Optimizing cloud infrastructure reduces cloud spending by 45%.

By migrating licensed workloads to open-source alternatives, right-sizing their environments, taking advantage of bring-your-own-license programs, and refactoring applications to run more efficiently, the businesses reduced their licensing and Google Cloud consumption costs by 45% over time.

  • Moving to Google Cloud reduces application downtime by 90%.

In their previous on-premises and non-Google Cloud environments, interviewees reported experiencing large amounts of unplanned downtime. These outages were expensive to resolve and could have resulted in lost business, not to mention strained customer relationships. After moving to Google Cloud, organizations eliminated these downtime events altogether with a ≥ 99.9% uptime service-level agreement.

  • Streamlining the management of the cloud environment improves infrastructure management efficiency by 50%.

The companies interviewed worked on refactoring their workloads and modernizing their operations using cloud-native technologies, and they were able to streamline the management of their cloud environment so that employees could redirect hours to other important tasks.

  • Organizations completed their cloud migration in half the time they projected.

A few of the interviewees had tried to migrate to the cloud in the past; unfortunately, lengthy project timelines, along with a lack of trust in other cloud providers, ground these attempts to a halt. In contrast, the interviewees reported that they migrated to Google Cloud ahead of schedule.

Let Daston help you save money while improving performance by assisting you in moving your expensive operating systems and traditional workloads to the Google Cloud.

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