Did you miss our webinar? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of DCAA compliance and how Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp can help your company achieve it.you can get up to speed quickly with a rundown of the highlights you missed. 

As you know, Daston saves time and money with cloud-based solutions and accounting services for governmental agencies, but what is DCAA Compliance? The Defense Contract Audit Agency sets guidance for DCAA compliant companies to ensure they abide by federal laws and are prepared for audits. DCAA compliance makes it clear that a contractor adheres to these business practices set forth within CAS, GAGAS, and FAR. 

Understanding DCAA Compliance: DCAA compliance is essential for government contractors, and here’s why:

  • Contractors who fail to meet DCAA guidelines and audits can face harsh penalties, including fines, revenue refunds, blacklisting from future work, and even potential jail time for fraud.
  • DCAA does not certify compliant companies; instead, it’s the responsibility of the contractor to ensure compliance.
  • Achieving DCAA compliance opens doors to lucrative government contracts and opportunities to expand your network of partner companies.

Key Requirements and Regulations: Government contractors must adhere to several key requirements and regulations, with a focus on tracking labor costs and expenses. Timesheets are particularly challenging, as they require accurate recording and audit trails. Surprise floor checks by DCAA emphasize the importance of compliant timesheets.

Daston’s SuiteApp and NetSuite: Daston’s SuiteApp enhances NetSuite’s capabilities to ensure seamless adherence to DCAA guidelines. NetSuite is a powerful ERP system that offers advanced accounting modules and real-time dashboards for timekeeping and project management. Here’s why NetSuite is an ideal choice:

  • NetSuite’s integrated suite of applications covers financial management, project management, procurement, inventory, CRM, and more, allowing government contractors to streamline operations.
  • It supports both government and commercial arms of a business, crucial for contractors with diverse revenue sources.
  • NetSuite offers seamless integration with other systems and tools for compliance, ensuring a single source of record.

Key Components of NetSuite DCAA Compliance:

  1. Cost Accounting and Indirect Cost Allocation: NetSuite tracks these aspects effectively, allowing contractors to manage multiple projects efficiently and allocate resources appropriately.
  2. Project Management and Contract Tracking: Robust project accounting features enable contractors to track labor costs, expenses, budgets, and generate comprehensive reports.
  3. Time-Tracking Capabilities: NetSuite’s extensive time-tracking capabilities, enhanced by Daston’s SuiteApp, ensure real-time reporting, daily time tracking, and compliance with DCAA requirements.
  4. Reporting and Auditing Trail Capabilities: NetSuite’s reporting and auditing capabilities provide real-time insight into company operations, helping identify potential issues and comply with DCAA guidelines.

Daston’s Implementation of the SuiteApp: Successful timekeeping compliance requires careful planning and scoping of the implementation process. Working closely with Daston’s experts, you can develop a structured project plan, identify tasks, milestones, and resource alignments. Ongoing communication with stakeholders and regular progress discussions are essential for a successful implementation.

Watch Daston’s Complete DCAA Webinar: To learn more about DCAA Compliance and how Daston’s SuiteApp can help your company maintain ongoing compliance, watch our complete webinar. For a one-on-one demo and to explore how Daston can assist your business, reach out to one of our experts.

DCAA compliance is a crucial aspect of government contracting, and Daston’s NetSuite Suite App offers the tools and support needed to achieve it. With seamless integration, robust reporting capabilities, and a commitment to excellence, Daston empowers contractors to navigate the complex world of DCAA compliance successfully. 

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