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DCAA Compliance Ready

At Daston, we specialize in providing comprehensive assistance to clients in their journey of purchasing and implementing NetSuite, an advanced business management software. Additionally, we offer our unique DCAA-on-Demand SuiteApp, which ensures compliance with government regulations.

Our implementation process goes beyond simply installing the software. We work closely with our clients to develop a tailored Project Plan that outlines the necessary steps for a successful implementation. This includes identifying tasks that can be tracked, determining task durations, understanding task dependencies, successors, and predecessors, as well as identifying milestones, critical paths, gates, and resource assignments.

During the implementation phase, we provide support with data import and customize your NetSuite instance to align with your specific requirements. Our team also helps configure records for seamless reporting, procure-to-pay processes, and project-to-cash workflows. We understand the importance of ongoing communication and collaboration, which is why we conduct regular project status calls to identify and address any potential risks or issues that may arise. This allows us to effectively track the overall progress of the project and make necessary adjustments as needed.

Once the NetSuite and DCAA-on-Demand implementation is complete, our assistance doesn’t stop there. We provide final system tuning to optimize performance, coaching to ensure your team is well-equipped to leverage the software’s capabilities, and audit support to facilitate compliance with regulatory standards.

At Daston, our goal is to empower your organization with the full potential of NetSuite and our DCAA-on-Demand SuiteApp. By offering comprehensive implementation services, ongoing support, and specialized expertise, we strive to help you achieve seamless business operations and regulatory compliance.


PURE NETSUITE ERP SOLUTION leveraging PROVEN SuiteSuccess and SuiteApp Technology

  • Improves Visibility

  • Enables Efficiency

  • Improves Profitability

  • Mitigates Risk

  • Out-of-the-Box Compliance Ready

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