Daston’s NetSuite team was front and center at SuiteWorld 2023, held at the iconic Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV. Celebrating NetSuite’s 25th anniversary, this event marked a milestone in the world of ERP solutions. The conference showcased the latest product enhancements and technological innovations designed to drive business growth. Our Daston NetSuite team was delighted to immerse themselves in the world of NetSuite, connecting with valued customers and expanding their expertise. In this article, we’ll delve into the key updates and advancements unveiled at this year’s conference.

Efficiency: The Modern Imperative

In today’s tech-driven landscape, efficiency is the name of the game. Whether you’re a burgeoning startup or a corporate giant, the pressure to achieve more with less is palpable. From streamlining operations to enhancing productivity, businesses are seeking innovative solutions that deliver results without straining resources. At SuiteWorld 2023, the tech community rose to the challenge, presenting groundbreaking innovations tailored to thrive in this era of lean and mean operations.

NetSuite’s Commitment to Business Growth:

NetSuite’s core mission revolves around simplifying complexity and empowering growth. Their cloud-based ERP software stands as a testament to this commitment, providing businesses with the tools to access critical data and actionable insights. With a global footprint spanning 219 countries and serving 37,000 companies and 324 subsidiaries, NetSuite’s impact is felt worldwide. Their relentless pursuit of empowering businesses positions them as a true industry leader.

AI Integration: Working Smarter, Not Harder

SuiteWorld 2023 heralded a new era of efficiency with the introduction of generative AI capabilities seamlessly integrated into NetSuite’s features. This development promises to revolutionize how businesses operate, from automating routine tasks to predicting market trends and personalizing customer experiences. NetSuite’s AI integration aims to be a game-changer, offering a competitive edge by enabling businesses to work smarter, not harder.

Business Advantages of AI in NetSuite:

  1. Enhanced Automation and Efficiency: AI automates repetitive tasks, boosting efficiency, reducing errors, and saving time.
  2. Personalized Customer Experiences: Analyzing customer data leads to tailored interactions, higher satisfaction, and targeted campaigns.
  3. Data-Driven Insights: AI-powered analytics extract valuable insights, optimizing business strategies and processes.

The Latest NetSuite Enhancements:

Under the banner of “SuiteUP,” SuiteWorld 2023 showcased NetSuite’s ongoing commitment to enhancing features and functionalities for increased productivity and profitability.

NetSuite Text Enhance:

This powerful addition harnesses AI to streamline operations, creating and reviewing contextual, personalized content. From HR to Finance and Supply Chain, Text Enhance automates tasks, saving valuable time and resources.

Introducing Enterprise Performance Management (EPM):

NetSuite is set to launch its latest EPM offering in North America, designed to empower Finance leaders. This suite of solutions automates processes, enhancing performance monitoring across the business. By consolidating financial and operational data, EPM streamlines financial operations, leading to improved data accuracy, streamlined closures, and enhanced decision-making capabilities. Built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, EPM prioritizes data privacy and security for customers.


SuiteWorld 2023 was a testament to NetSuite’s unwavering commitment to innovation and growth. The integration of AI and the unveiling of powerful enhancements signal a bright future for businesses seeking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. As NetSuite continues to lead the industry, businesses can look forward to a future defined by efficiency, productivity, and profitability.Contact our Daston DCAA experts today to find out how we can support your needs.