Have you considered outsourcing accounting but are concerned the costs will be too much for your company to bear? Rather than looking at outsourced accounting services as an added cost to your business, consider instead how outsourcing this function could actually save your company money.

  1. Reduce Costs of Recruiting Qualified Employees. From creating a strategy for recruiting qualified accounting processionals to interviewing candidates, it takes several people and a lot of their time and resources to manage this process. Imagine how much money you could save if you eliminated the need to search for accounting team members?
  2. Reduce Expensive Accounting Professional Salaries. Quality accounting employees don’t come cheap. Because accounting professionals and their expertise are in demand, they in turn require higher salaries. Not only are you going to pay a handsome salary, but you are also going to have to cover payroll taxes, insurance, and benefits such as paid time off and perhaps retirement plans. By outsourcing accounting services to a company with a team of their own expert professionals, you will save money. Not only can they do the same job at less cost, you will save money by paying by the job rather than per hour.
  3. Reduce Training Costs. Once you find the right employee, it is expensive to train them. It requires an enormous amount of time and money to properly train new employees on business processes, technology, and software, not to mention ensuring they are up to speed on updates as they occur.
  4. Reduce Technology Costs. In order to keep your in-house accounting department running efficiently, the latest accounting software is a must. It seems that technology is constantly changing, requiring constant expensive updates. When the outsourced accounting firm bears the cost of investing in the most up-to-date technology and business processes, you no longer have to bear that cost.
  5. Get Paid Faster. Outsourcing accounting services allows you to expedite your billing. The faster you can bill your clients, the faster you will be paid. With outsourcing, you can ensure that your invoices are going out quickly and efficiently.
  6. Quickly Track Receivables. Companies that offer outsourced accounting services employ the most up-to-date software that can quickly track your accounts receivables. A simple query and user-friendly dashboards can show you in real time which clients owe you money, and how much.
  7. Save Time = Save Money. We all know that time is money. By simply eliminating in-house accounting and putting it in the hands of trusted experts, you and your employees can spend more time on your core competencies. Imagine being able to focus your energy and time on networking, building relationships with clients, and growing your business rather than being bogged down with accounting tasks.

Are you ready to learn more about outsourcing accounting? Daston’s DCAA on Demand Outsourced Accounting Solution includes:

  • Accountants specialized in government contract accounting
  • Industry-leading NetSuite software
  • Daston’s proprietary DCAA On-Demand software

Let Daston’s team of accounting professionals and NetSuite software experts help make your government contract accounting processes accurate, efficient, and affordable. Whether you are a new government contractor preparing for a SF 1408 pre-award audit or a seasoned contractor looking for an easier path to compliance, Daston has a solution for you. Set up a consultation with us today to learn more.