Multnomah County, home to Portland, Oregon’s largest city, has embraced the power of cloud technology to revolutionize its workforce. By adopting Google Workspace in 2010, the county embarked on a transformative journey that has empowered its employees, streamlined collaboration, and overcome infrastructure challenges. In this blog post, we will explore how Multnomah County’s move to Google Workspace has propelled its productivity and created a more efficient and connected work environment.

Scaling Up and Supporting a Mobile Workforce:

With over 6,200 employees, Multnomah County needed a robust solution to support its expanding workforce. By implementing Google Workspace, the county provided its employees with a suite of cloud-based tools that enabled seamless collaboration and productivity, regardless of location. This shift towards a mobile workforce has allowed employees to work from anywhere, enhancing flexibility and work-life balance.

Adapting to the Impact of the Pandemic:

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Multnomah County was well-prepared to face the challenges of remote work. Google Workspace became an essential lifeline, enabling employees to collaborate and communicate effectively from their homes. The cloud-based platform fostered a collaborative culture and reduced dependence on IT support, empowering employees to take control of their workflows and embrace new cloud technologies.

Empowering Employees as Technology Champions:

The adoption of Google Workspace transformed Multnomah County employees into champions of cloud technology. Training programs provided by Google equipped them with the necessary skills to utilize the full potential of the platform. As a result, 95% of employees reported that the training on Google Workspace was immediately applicable to their jobs, enhancing their productivity and efficiency.

Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges:

Prior to implementing Google Workspace, Multnomah County faced significant infrastructure challenges with its previous vendor. Issues such as limited storage, time-consuming maintenance, and version-control problems hindered collaboration and productivity. The migration to Google Workspace provided a modern and scalable solution, eliminating these challenges and creating a more streamlined and efficient work environment.

The Bottomline: 

Multnomah County’s transition to Google Workspace has been a resounding success, revolutionizing the way its workforce collaborates and increasing productivity. By embracing cloud technology, the county has overcome infrastructure challenges, empowered employees as technology champions, and supported a mobile workforce. Multnomah County’s journey serves as an inspiration for organizations seeking to leverage the power of cloud technology to enhance collaboration and productivity in the modern workplace.

We invite you to take a deeper dive into Multnomah County’s transition to Google Workspace by downloading our success story. 

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