At Daston, our team hears every day from government contractors who face unique challenges when it comes to accounting and financial management. Navigating the complex regulations, reporting requirements, and compliance obligations can be overwhelming, particularly for small and mid-sized contractors with limited resources.

Each day, more and more GovCons are finding peace of mind by outsourcing their accounting services to the experts at Daston. Our accounting experts possess specialized knowledge of government contracting and can help your organization optimize its financial management while ensuring compliance. Here are a few reasons why our team’s outsourced accounting services can enhance your productivity:

  1. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs):Our team has in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements of government contracting, including the regulations and reporting standards set forth by Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), and meeting Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). With our expertise, you can avoid costly mistakes that could potentially result from non-compliance.
  2. Expertise in NetSuite:Daston’s team has more than 10 years of proven implementation success, with countless ERP solutions specifically designed for government contractors. We are experts in NetSuite, and every day we help businesses leverage these tools to optimize their financial management and streamline their processes. 
  3. DCAA-Compliant Accounting:Our accountants and bookkeepers understand the unique challenges of government contracting and speak the language of government contractors: DCAA Compliant Accounting, FAR compliance, indirect rates, cost plus invoicing, project accounting, SF1408 Audit, Government Contract Pre-Award Audit, Incurred Cost Submission Reporting, and ICE Reporting. 

When you outsource accounting services to the Daston team, you can enjoy additional benefits, including greater efficiency, better accuracy, the latest technology and software, as well as streamlined processes and procedures. This all results in faster and more accurate financial reporting, which is essential for making informed business decisions. Outsourced accounting services also can provide you with valuable insights and analysis that can help you optimize your financial management and improve your bottom line.

Improve your organization’s productivity with Daston’s outsourced accounting experts on your team. Let our knowledge of NetSuite, DCAA compliance, and government contracting help you optimize your financial management and improve your bottom line. 

Are you ready to spend more time focusing on your core competencies and growth strategies and less time stressing about your finances? Set up a free consultation with Daston today!