Government contractors operate in a highly regulated environment, requiring meticulous financial management and compliance with stringent auditing requirements. To navigate these complexities effectively, contractors need a robust and comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that caters specifically to their unique needs. Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp emerges as a powerful solution that streamlines financial processes, enhances visibility, and ensures audit readiness for government contractors. In this blog post, we will explore how Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp supports government contractors in achieving compliance and maintaining audit readiness.

Centralized Financial Management 

One of the key challenges faced by government contractors is managing financial data across multiple projects and contracts. Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp addresses this challenge by providing a centralized platform that consolidates financial information, allowing contractors to track revenue, expenses, and profitability at both project and organizational levels. This centralized approach not only improves data accuracy but also provides real-time visibility into financial performance, making it easier for contractors to meet audit requirements.

Cost Allocation and Project Accounting

Accurate cost allocation and project accounting are critical for government contractors to demonstrate proper use of funds and comply with government regulations. Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp offers robust project accounting capabilities, enabling contractors to track and allocate costs associated with specific contracts or projects. This functionality allows contractors to monitor project budgets, compare actual costs against estimates, and generate accurate financial reports for auditing purposes.

Compliance with DCAA Regulations

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) imposes strict regulations on government contractors to ensure accountability and prevent fraudulent activities. Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp is designed to support compliance with DCAA requirements, offering features such as timekeeping, labor distribution, and indirect cost allocation. These capabilities facilitate adherence to DCAA regulations by providing accurate and auditable records of labor costs, indirect expenses, and other key financial metrics.

Automated Workflows and Internal Controls

Manual processes and lack of internal controls can pose significant risks to government contractors, leading to errors, inefficiencies, and compliance issues. Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp helps mitigate these risks by automating workflows and establishing robust internal controls. The system allows contractors to configure approval processes, and implement automated controls to ensure data integrity and minimize the risk of fraud or misappropriation. These automated workflows and internal controls not only enhance efficiency but also strengthen audit readiness by providing a clear audit trail.

Audit Trail and Document Management

Auditors require a comprehensive audit trail and proper document management to verify financial transactions and ensure compliance. Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp offers robust audit trail capabilities, capturing every transaction, user action, and system change within the system. This detailed audit trail simplifies the auditing process by providing auditors with complete visibility into financial activities. Additionally, the document management features enable contractors to securely store and organize supporting documents, making it easy to retrieve and provide necessary evidence during audits.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Government contractors must have accurate and up-to-date financial reports for effective decision-making and audit purposes. Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp provides real-time reporting and analytics features that empower contractors to generate customized reports, dashboards, and financial statements with ease. These reports offer comprehensive insights into project profitability, revenue recognition, compliance metrics, and other critical financial data, ensuring contractors can readily meet audit requirements.

Scalability and Flexibility

As government contractors grow and undertake more projects, their ERP system must be able to scale and adapt to changing requirements. Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp is a cloud-based solution that offers scalability and flexibility to government contractors. Whether it’s adding new contracts, expanding project portfolios, or accommodating regulatory changes, Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp can adapt and support contractors’ evolving needs without requiring significant IT infrastructure investments or disruptions to daily operations.


Maintaining audit readiness is of paramount importance for government contractors, and Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp emerges as a powerful tool to support their financial management and compliance efforts. By providing centralized financial management, cost allocation, compliance with DCAA regulations, automated workflows, audit trail capabilities, and real-time reporting, Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp empowers government contractors to streamline operations, enhance visibility, and meet the stringent requirements of audits. With its scalability and flexibility, Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp ensures that government contractors can adapt to evolving business needs while maintaining a strong foundation for financial management and regulatory compliance. Embracing Daston’s NetSuite SuiteApp enables government contractors to focus on their mission-critical work, confident in their ability to meet auditing requirements and deliver successful projects. Contact our Daston DCAA experts today to find out how we can support your needs.