The company you “once were” when you implemented QuickBooks is probably NOT the company you are today. Now, you’re a growing enterprise with more departments, data, and inventory. Therefore, you need a more comprehensive ERP system that can grow alongside you – and Daston’s BPO Bundle for Accounting, featuring Oracle NetSuite, can help.

While QuickBooks might be great for handling payroll, Oracle NetSuite can nimbly integrate all of your financials, CRM, e-commerce, inventory, and more on one cloud-based platform. What are the other advantages of switching from Quickbooks to NetSuite?

One Central System

QuickBooks was designed only to automate a handful of core accounting functions and limits how you run operations. Your business needs software that scales alongside it and can handle the large volume of customers, vendors, and inventory items. NetSuite offers one cloud-based platform that can handle all of these functions.

Saves Time and Money

With QuickBooks, your staff spends hours of time each week on manual processes from creating invoices to filling in complicated timesheets. This results in wasted time, human error, and end-of-the-month headaches! With NetSuite, these accounting processes are completely automated – saving time, money, and extra hassle. Plus, NetSuite eases the hurdles of DCAA and CMMC compliance and is priced at a fraction of the cost of the competition – allowing companies to save 20-50 percent on account functions.

Enables Growth and Better Decision-Making by Increasing Visibility

Different applications used by divided departments result in chaos, making scaling up and gaining 360-degree visibility across your business virtually impossible. Keeping data in QuickBooks, and storing other critical updated information elsewhere results in complex systems, conflicting data, and a severe lack of reporting. With Oracle NetSuite, your business can gain comprehensive and valuable insights across departments – allowing for easier decision-making with increased accuracy.

Reduces IT Complexity

QuickBooks is a siloed product with a myriad of apps that need to be updated and supported. Often customers must deploy inefficient workarounds, manual spreadsheets, and poorly integrated point solutions to get the job done. NetSuite resides in the cloud and the software can be updated easily vs. being dependent upon individual process-driven systems.

Boosts Efficiency and Sales

QuickBooks does not offer an agile or responsive solution for doing business. With NetSuite, your customers can see stock levels in real-time; confirm delivery schedules while placing an order, or allow calls to customer service minutes after an order is placed. QuickBooks is simply not designed to handle processes such as these.

As a fast-growing company with more complex business processes to manage, it’s time to migrate to an ERP system that can address the issues of today, not the ones that “once were.” Contact us today to learn how Daston’s BPO Bundle for Accounting can help your growing company gain the full capabilities of NetSuite, at a price that is comparable to QuickBooks