At Daston, we understand the accounting challenges that businesses face as they grow. We often hear from companies that starting out with QuickBooks initially was a great solution due to its low cost and the ability to maintain the system on-premises. However, as they expanded, these organizations discovered that they required more functionality.

These growing businesses find that a lack of real-time data accompanied by accounting errors while using QuickBooks is inefficient because their accounting team is stuck using manual processes to create short-term fixes. They struggle with the software’s limitations, and they must spend time adding bolt-on integrations just to track data for revenue management, order management, fixed assets, billing, procurement, inventory management, and services delivery.

Because QuickBooks doesn’t share data from a central location, changes aren’t tracked in real-time, causing leaders to make decisions with outdated information. Moreover, if the systems aren’t unified, the company must work with a variety of applications, which could mean costly errors if data is entered incorrectly when it is transferred among disparate programs.

Companies who have experienced these challenges dream of upgraded systems that could free up their accounting team to become decision advisors to the wider business.

The Cloud Advantage

Adopting cloud-based solutions is one way to resolve many of these problems. Financial activities appear as soon as they’re triggered, so leaders can make decisions using real-time data, delivering outcomes faster, for less cost, and with fewer resources.

However, simply moving to the cloud isn’t the final answer. If the company’s financial management systems are not unified and still live in standalone silos, they still will be forced to navigate multiple applications and data repositories for everyday activities, even in the cloud.

Daston’s Integrated Suite of Cloud-Based Solutions

Daston has heard these challenges loud and clear and offers an efficient, cost-effective solution. Through its DCAA-On-Demand Suite App—a unified, integrated suite of cloud-based applications–Daston offers a way for organizations to benefit from more effective and more efficient business operations. Because the functionality spans the entire business, linking the front and back offices together, business processes flow easily from one department and one application to another, moving fluidly from sales quotes to orders and from procurement to vendor payments.

By tying business processes together, the DCAA-On-Demand Suite App makes it easier to analyze what drives profit and what does not. It stores information in a centralized data repository, eliminating dual data entry. Therefore, reports are always in real-time.

Daston’s clients who select the DCAA-On-Demand Suite App unified suite of cloud-based applications can do more with less, increasing the accounting team’s productivity while saving money, ultimately positioning them for efficiency, cost-effective growth, and improved competitiveness.

Ready to say goodbye to investing time and resources into new accounting software and bolt-on integrations, and say hello to a unified system of cloud-based applications that scales as you grow? Contact 703-288-3200 today for a free consultation!