As the managing partner of Chevron and Rockers, LLP in Columbia, Maryland, Daniel Kim has proven to be an important Accounting Service Provider (ASP) and partner to Daston and our clients over the past two years. Daniel and his colleagues provide invaluable implementation services for several of our government contracting clients with a key focus on compliance, including Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) requirements.

Daniel is such a tremendous asset to our clients because of the breadth and depth of his government accounting experience. As an MBA, CPA, and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Daniel worked directly for DCAA for 10 years as a technical specialist and supervisory auditor, before starting his own accounting services business for government contractors and grant recipients in 2016. He has gone on to consult with more than 10 Daston GovCon clients and continues to work with five of them today.

Once a Daston customer decides to implement one of our accounting software packages, Daniel and his team are brought in to help install the system and train the customer’s accounting and implementation teams to use it properly. Understanding how a new system processes FAR and DCAA compliance information is especially crucial, and Daniel and his team carefully walk customers through these steps and other vital functionalities – becoming a key resource for them, even after the implementation is complete.

During COVID times, these processes have been conducted virtually, with Daniel and his team training sometimes hundreds of new users via Zoom, many of whom are located thousands of miles away! Yet, Kim finds the whole process exciting, and mutually beneficial for both his business and for Daston’s. In fact, several Daston customers have called upon Chevron and Rockers to take on additional accounting duties such as timekeeping, payroll, and invoicing once their training was complete “based upon the confidence we built with them during the implementation,” he said.

As a venerable accounting systems expert, Kim has observed three things that make Daston’s Oracle NetSuite offerings so beneficial for GovCons:

1) The automation exceeds the competitors’ systems – According to Kim, “although there is the burden of complexity in the implementation, enduring the burden is an accurate and full automated, convenient job-costing system.”

2) The NetSuite base provides unlimited capabilities – Beyond job-costing, there are “so many possibilities with the various NetSuite modules. This is really the beauty of the system,” Kim said.

3) Real-time improvements can be made as customers’ demands change – “Throughout implementation [the Daston team] is not only responsive but extremely capable of finding solutions and improvements to the system, which makes the capabilities that much stronger,” he said. “This is yet another thing that makes Daston’s NetSuite solution stand out.”

Overall Kim has been “so happy” to work with Daston and has the “highest respect for the technical support, project, and leadership of the company. This is why I hope to continue working with Daston and remain a valued partner for them and their clients in the years to come.”

Are you interested in becoming a Daston accounting services provider? Contact Sheila Tomlinson at sheila.tomlinson@daston.com to learn how partnering with Daston can benefit your enterprise!