Oracle + Netsuite: The Long-Term Vision

December 29, 2016

In his compelling TED Talk, Martin Reeves discusses how his research has proven that business’ that model the human immune system stand the test of time (see link):

The 100 Year Business

Given the latest information about Oracle’s acquisition of Netsuite (see Link):

Oracle + Netsuite

I decided to test the hypothesis and came away with an even greater respect for this union.

Redundancy– Netsuite will be well positioned using Oracle’s global reach as a Best-in-Class Cloud Services provider with millions of copies of each component in the Cloud. Expect major growth in global markets as this union promises to replicate\evolve solutions in order to provide coverage for every customer in every geography.

Diversity– Netsuite’s unified platform will be expanded to new industries. With Oracle stating that every industry and every market will be covered from startup businesses to global enterprises. To back the claim Oracle promises significant R&D dollars for both the Netsuite and Oracle platforms.

Modularity– More emphasis will be placed on adding resources both natively and through strategic partnerships. Deeper product specialization will be realized via Suiteapps and their modules with specific vertical focus.

Adaptive– As market leaders Oracle and Netsuite understand, leverage and plan to remain on the cutting edge of technologies with expansions in Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and Platform-as-s-Service capabilities. Netsuite’s ability to span a wide range of industries will continue with Netsuite’s Solution and Software Development Partner Programs investing in implementation and SuiteApp technology and reach as well.

Prudence– The union will continue to monitor technology disruption, detect and react to every threat over the long-term. Unlike other software companies that have had to abandon software platforms due to their dependencies on decommissioned third-party solutions; Oracle is the platform for Netsuite.

Embeddedness– Oracle + Netsuite will ensure that their systems are embedded in a platform that will allow for currently available integrations and those not yet imagined.

The scientist in me is well satisfied with my hypothesis conclusion, Oracle + Netsuite is indeed a union fit for a 100 year company!

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