Here at Daston, ensuring that our customers’ data is protected is critical; however, companies have been challenged to find the right level of protection for that data—whether on-prem or in the cloud. Google’s new extensions to its popular Cloud Storage offering, as well as two new services, Filestore Enterprise and Backup for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), make it easier to protect data out-of-the box, across a wide variety of use cases and applications.

“Our customers want to spend less time managing storage,” said Greg Callen, Vice President of The Daston Corporation. “We are pleased to offer Google Cloud to our customers, which makes it increasingly easier to adopt cloud storage so they can focus on what they do best…bringing new services to market.”

Extension to Google’s Cloud Storage offering
Google Cloud is unique among public cloud vendors in offering dual-region and multi-region buckets. Cloud Storage dual-region buckets enable a “continent-sized storage system”—a true single namespace (bucket) that spans regions. A dual-region bucket is not a simple load balancer or an access point in the network tier sitting on top of two independent buckets; rather, it offers strong consistency properties because it is a true single namespace bucket, active-active for read/write/delete. As a result, you can treat a continent as a single bucket, which simplifies the application programming model. 

Google recently extended its dual-region buckets in two ways:

  • Custom region selection for dual-region buckets – Previously, Google Cloud assigned dual-region pairs for you to choose from. In an upcoming release, you will be able to select your own region pairs that meet your regulatory or compliance requirements, or that optimize your app performance. 
  • Optional SLA-backed 15-min Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – Getting 99% of data back after a regional outage just doesn’t cut it for our customers, as object storage is increasingly being used for important applications that can’t tolerate any data loss. Google’s Turbo Replication for dual-region buckets replicates 100% of your data between regions in 15 minutes or less, and it is backed by a Service Level Agreement.

New GKE Backup protects data in containers
Our customers are not only running stateless applications in containers, but they also are running other stateful workloads and entire databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL inside containers. Google’s new native GKE service, Backup for GKE, makes it easier for you to protect your critical container-based data. 

Filestore Enterprise protects against zonal outages
Filestore Enterprise is a new member of the fully managed Filestore solution that was created to assist traditional tier-one enterprise applications with file sharing. Filestore Enterprise offers high availability via synchronous replication across multiple zones in a region, in addition to high-performance reads and writes. If a zone within the region becomes unavailable, Filestore can step in to seamlessly serve data to the application…so you don’t need to provide extra monitoring.

Here at Daston, data protection is a critical piece of our overall offering, and Google’s global technology platform helps us provide you with powerful and easy-to-use capabilities to solve your storage challenges.

Google’s added features and services make it easier and more secure than ever to migrate the cloud. Contact Adam Ulan today at to learn how your company can join the thousands of others who have benefited with Cloud Storage.