We at Daston constantly strive to elevate data security and privacy for our customers. As a Google Cloud partner, that mission is now easier than ever.

Google Cloud’s collaboration with industry experts, data governance vendors, and cloud providers through the EDM Council recently helped define criteria that will govern, secure, manage, and ensure data privacy in the cloud, which in turn will benefit our customers tremendously.

The EDM Council, of which Google Cloud is a member, is a non-profit trade association with more than 10,000 data management professionals as members within 250 organizations from around the world. This group provides research and education about how data currently is curated and allows members to establish a vision of how data must be managed in the future.

This industry-wide collaboration resulted in the release of the CDMC framework v1.1.1, a joint venture among hundreds of organizations around the world, including privacy firms, consultants, Cloud Service Providers, and technology service organizations, which all came together to define best practices for cloud data management.

We are pleased to learn that Google Cloud’s Dataplex solution, which manages, organizes, and ensures data governance across its native data storage systems, has been shown to adhere to these standards, which include most of the critical controls and automations. This means you can rest assured that we at Daston are issuing adequate control over your sensitive data and data workloads. Moreover, Google Cloud’s data services include a high level of configurability that will enable you to implement solutions that adhere to these best practices.

“The CDMC framework is an enormous step in adoption of best practices for data management, and we at Daston believe it will contribute to build confidence, trust, and accountability for cloud adoption, especially for sensitive data,” said Greg xxx. “Our customers continue to benefit from Google’s competency in handling sensitive data, and this framework ensures that Google’s best practices are shared and augmented with our customers.”

The new framework encompasses protection and privacy, governance and accountability, accessibility and usage, cataloging and classification, and data lifecycle management.

As a result, Google Cloud will make Dataplex publicly available so that our customers can implement governance, cataloging, lifecycle management, and most of the other controls in the framework. 

Google Cloud’s enhanced data security makes it safer than ever to migrate your data to the cloud. Contact Adam Ulan today at googlesales@daston.com to learn how your company can take advantage of cloud storage.