Google is adding new features in Google Workspace that utilize the company’s industry-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help people become more efficient in the hybrid work environment. After hearing from customers that their volume of emails, chats, and meetings has increased in the hybrid environment, Google designed AI improvements to help employees focus on their most important tasks while collaborating securely and strengthening human connections.

Focus on What’s Important
Using natural language processing advancements, Google has created automated summaries in Google Docs. Soon, the company will extend built-in summaries to Google Spaces, which will offer a helpful digest of conversations, allowing users to catch up quickly on anything they may have missed. Additionally, for Google Meet, the company has created automated meeting transcription and meeting summarization, which it will release later this year and early next year, respectively. These two new features allow those who couldn’t attend a meeting to stay in the loop and easily reference the discussion later.

Enriched Meetings
Google’s machine learning has helped the company create enhancements that will strengthen human connections in the hybrid workforce.
Google Meet will roll out improvements to sound, images, and content sharing capabilities later this year.
• The Portrait Restore feature uses AI to improve video quality by fixing issues caused by poor network connectivity, low quality webcams, or low light.
Portrait Light technology uses machine learning to simulate studio-quality lighting in a user’s video feed, and the user can adjust the light position and brightness.
De-reverberation technology filters out echoes in areas with hard surfaces, such as a kitchen, basement, or large empty room, so that users can enjoy conference-room audio quality from any space.
• The Live Sharing feature makes hybrid meetings more interactive by synchronizing content and media across participants. Users can interact directly within the meeting and share controls.

Secure Collaboration
Google Workspace comes with built-in enterprise grade data protection, encryption, access management, and endpoint protection. This zero-trust approach keeps more people safe online than anyone else in the world, as Gmail blocks more than 99.99% of spam and phishing messages from inboxes.
Google’s systems continually learn from attempted attacks, allowing the company to thwart new attacks by identifying patterns and entry points. Later this year, the company will scale the phishing and malware protection that guards Gmail to Docs, Slides, and Sheets. If any of these apps contain phishing links or malware, users will be alerted automatically and led back to safety.

Google is using AI and machine learning to improve lives in the hybrid work world. The company continues to infuse intelligent capabilities in Google Workspace and the apps that billions of users enjoy daily so that it’s easier to focus on priorities, participate fully, and collaborate securely from anywhere in the world.

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