sales analysisAt Daston, we know that staying on top of contracts and customer agreements is challenging for any business owner, especially “solopreneurs” who wear a variety of hats when it comes to running their businesses.

To help business owners spend less time worrying about this important part of the process, Google has natively integrated electronic signature—or eSignature—right into the Google Docs app.

eSignature in Google Docs takes advantage of the same secure-by-design infrastructure and built-in protections Google uses to help safeguard privacy and secure information. Here are a few examples of how eSignature can help business owners create agreements:

  • Collaborate in documents:It’s not necessary to export a file to send a draft contract over email; instead, collaborate on changes directly in Google Docs with comments and suggestions.
  • Add fields to documents:Within the familiar Google Docs interface, business owners can easily drag and drop signature and date fields in the branded documents they create.
  • Request a signature:Once a user resolves all comments and suggestions, requesting a signature is as easy as sharing a file in Drive.
  • Add signatures:When ready to sign, the signee can easily add their signature, no downloads needed. Once the signature is added, a completed PDF contract is emailed to both parties.
  • Monitor and track progress:Quickly see the status of pending signatures and easily find completed, signed contracts.
  • Create copies of contracts:For signature workflows that need to be repeated regularly, users can streamline the process by creating copies of existing contracts and then modifying as needed.

eSignature in Google Docs is in Beta to Google Workspace Individual users and is the latest in a series of improvements Google has announced for the subscription in the past year. If a business owner is already using a dedicated eSignature solution, Google Workspace integrates with a number of leading providers.

Google launched Google Workspace Individual about a year ago as a new offering to help solo business owners run their businesses with the apps they’re often already using in their personal life. Google Workspace Individual helps business owners focus on what they enjoy — like meeting customers and designing services — and less time on tasks such scheduling appointments and sending emails.

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