DCAA-on-Demand for Netsuite “A Whole New Cloud Based World”

October 17, 2016

The announcement on March 7, 2016 that Daston Corporation’s DCAA-on-Demand module received the “Built for NetSuite” verification is indeed tremendous news for Federal contractors. This news truly opens a “Whole New Cloud Based World” to companies that do business with the U.S. Federal Government. The new module leverages the inherent power of NetSuite, its SuiteApp logic and platform to provide the sorely needed Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) functionality for Federal contractors. In true SuiteApp fashion, the experience is seamless to the end-user and appears in the menu bar as additional modules to the already robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities that clients have come to expect from Netsuite. NetSuite with DCAA-on-Demand opens a new market of approximately 20,000 customers for Netsuite and its partner community.

To further, this new market is heavily weighted with government services, software and manufacture companies. These companies are typically involved in various fields, such as financial services, healthcare, defense, information technology, science and space technology with any combination of these business segments represented within the same company. These companies are but a subset of the Government Contractor Industry that spans small, medium and large contractors throughout the United States.

The greatest benefit of this new DCAA-on-Demand module is that it enables government contractors to meet Federal contractor regulatory compliance requirements. “Companies who do not routinely update their reporting and accounting practices are at risk of losing Federal contracts or paying thousands of dollars in fines.” “Daston DCAA, is a world-class fully customizable solution and paired with NetSuite brings one of the most compelling solutions for DCAA compliance in the cloud” said Gary Callen, President of Daston.

The module extends NetSuite’s Industry Specific Bundle Editions to meet Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and to comply with DCAA regulations. DCAA-on-Demand benefits from the following:

  • Built entirely on the Netsuite Suiteflex Platform

  • Works with existing organizational structures and chart of accounts (COA) in Netsuite

  • Requires no additional Installation, Hardware or Software

  • Mirrors NetSuite’s Security Features

  • Enables Quick Responses to DCAA Auditor Inquiries

The DCAA On-Demand solution consists of integrated modules that support the following functionality:

  • Project Status Reports

  • Indirect Cost Allocation

  • Payroll Cost Allocation

  • DCAA Compliant Time Entry

To learn more, either respond directly to this post or email sheila.tomlinson@daston.com for more information.