When Herndon, Virginia-based KLC Network Services, Inc., needed to upgrade its accounting system, the company sought a secure cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that would grow along with its business.

KLC started in 2001 as an information technology and audio visual company and has since expanded its offerings to include software engineering, digital forensics, and cyber and analytic solutions.

In 2019, KLC began researching cloud-based ERPs that offered more functionality than the Microsoft system they were using at the time. The company additionally was seeking a cloud-based ERP so team members could access the accounting system from home without connecting through a VPN.

“We’d had the Microsoft system since 2013, and it was getting a little obsolete,” explained Daniela Lazcano, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of KLC Network Services. “As we grew, we wanted to make sure the financial tools we had were right there with us.”

Lazcano knew a cloud-based solution would be key to ensure employees working from home could access the system from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

As a government contractor, DCAA-compliant reporting was of utmost importance for KLC. The company employs a team of professional technologists, analysts, and engineers who are all dedicated to the success of the U.S. security, defense, and intelligence mission world-wide.

Lazcano said that NetSuite approached the company with a very convincing package, and Daston’s DCAA-compliant solution was part of the overall solution.

After researching several vendors that also offered DCAA-compliant solutions, KLC ultimately chose Daston.

“We went with the solution we thought was most friendly to our budget and that offered everything we needed,” Lazcano said.

Once KLC signed the contract, the Daston team walked the company through everything thoroughly. Implementation was quick and easy.

Since going live in 2021, KLC has seen a variety of benefits:

Increased Visibility: “The real-time dashboards are amazing,” Lazcano said. “I can log in and see everything all at once. I don’t need to pull a report anymore, and as things are moving, I can see it all right there.”

Improved Analytics: “On the project level, I can drill in to see labor costs at a level of detail that before we couldn’t,” she said. “This makes it easy for me to analyze how a project is doing. I can provide reports to the project manager and other C-suite staff who need more information on how the company is doing.”

More Efficient Time and Expense Management: Daston’s DCAA-on-Demand has provided Lazcano with faster approvals, billing, and payroll processing. “With the mobile app and the ability to approve expense reports online, we can do everything from the phone, so we can move a lot faster, which is what we need in this very competitive environment.”

The ability to enter time sheets in the mobile app makes it simple and fast, which means KLC also can approve time cards and create bills the same day. “With other systems, we had to wait a week or so to process payroll,” Lazcano explained. “Billing is very important for cash flow, especially for a small company.”

Lazcano also loves DCAA-on-Demand’s approval system. If a purchase order or expense report requires approval, she can see it right away on the dashboard. Previously, these were sent via email, and sometimes were overlooked.

Lazcano acknowledges that many vendors offer the same types of cloud-based ERP solutions, making it difficult to choose one. In her opinion, what sets Daston apart is the team of people behind the program.

“To me, the Daston team is what makes it great,” she said. “No question of mine goes unanswered. They are extremely fast. I don’t know how many clients they have, but I feel like I am the only client. I have worked with other companies that offer the same or similar packages and services, but I have not experienced that level of customer support.”

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