Here at Daston, we have seen that the ability to adapt to change is essential for start-up clients, regardless of their industry. One of the best ways for startups to ensure adaptability is by implementing an integrated, cloud-based business management solution. With a strong technology foundation, these companies can ensure their basic back-office functions are in place and operational from the beginning.

However, choosing the right ERP can make or break the business. Startups must choose a system designed for both flexibility and scalability so that they’re always prepared for rapid growth, whether they are seeking investment, getting ready for an IPO, or preparing to expand into international markets.

As a NetSuite partner, Daston is helping rapidly growing companies streamline financial processes, prepare for growth, and accelerate operations using true cloud ERP.

Here are five ways that start-up businesses benefit from Daston’s solutions:

  • Flexibility: As a NetSuite partner, Daston helps growing companies to manage their mission-critical processes seamlessly in a single, unified, cloud-based system. Across the world, in all business sizes and industries, Daston enables employee agility, and NetSuite’s true cloud nature provides team members with the ability to work remotely, helping small businesses to innovate and adapt quickly and effectively to market changes, economic fluctuations, and business opportunities.
  • Reduced IT costs: For any startup, raising initial capital and keeping business expenses/overheads to a minimum is a huge challenge. NetSuite’s cloud model and delivery eliminates on-site IT costs. NetSuite provides automatic updates so businesses always have the current version of the software, and its modular design means startups can begin with just what they need, adding more as they grow at their own pace.
  • Customization: NetSuite’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution has been tailored to a variety of industries, offering built-in business process flows and key performance indicators specific to each business and industry. Daston does, however, recognize that each business has individual needs, so companies can customize the turnkey system to meet the requirements of their individual business, such as pre-defined roles, workflows, dashboards, and metrics.
  • Scalability: NetSuite is a unified management suite spanning finance, inventory management, CRM, and more, seamlessly connecting information and data from every area of the business. Its modular design makes it a highly scalable system that grows with each company, whether it’s expanding across multiple countries with multiple languages, currencies, and tax regimes; changing business models; or broadening the products and services offered.
  • Reliability: Designed with leading practices and taking advantage of more than 20 years of experience in cloud ERP deployments, Daston offers a trusted, reliable ERP solution ideal for an expanding startup through its NetSuite solutions.

Through its partnership with NetSuite, Daston’s solutions meet the back-office business requirements of companies of all sizes, in all stages of growth, with a single, unified cloud solution. From startups to medium-sized companies to large multinational organizations, Daston helps businesses to unlock their potential growth.

Are you ready to futureproof your business with an agile platform that evolves as your needs change? Daston can help. Contact (703) 288-3200 today for a free consultation.