May 10, 2022 When seeking the right cloud ERP solution, it’s important to look beyond financials and understand the advanced capabilities that they offer. We at Daston have partnered with NetSuite to bring advanced capabilities to our customers so that they can enable enterprise-class functionality as they grow. These functions include:

  • Recurring Revenue Management: Daston’s accounting solutions offer crucial end-to-end functionality that meets the challenges posed by recurring revenue models. Modern capabilities help companies manage automated subscription and maintenance billing processes.
  • Human Resources Management: Through SuitePeople, Daston allows organizations to automate their workforce management processes. The solution understands the various roles of employees and tailors workflows and reports accordingly. 
  • Omnichannel Commerce: With the SuiteCommerce ecommerce solution, Daston enables merchants to offer engaging online experiences on any device while providing employees with a single view of orders, inventory, and critical business data. 
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Using NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing, Daston’s manufacturing clients can increase revenue by reducing operating costs and managing supply chains. Companies can integrate bar code scanning and wireless table functionality in real time.
  • Advanced Billing: Suite Billing provides real-time visibility into financial activity so that Daston’s clients can bill customers using various pricing models. They also can consolidate invoices, automate changes to pricing, and access billing data quickly in real-time reports.
  • Multi-Book Accounting: Businesses can easily comply with multiple sets of financial regulatory systems at the same time, as Multi-Book Accounting issues statements in accordance with all accounting standards. Additionally, it includes expense amortization, revenue recognition, and more.
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS): Through NetSuite’s WMS, Daston optimizes daily warehouse operations so that companies can minimize handling costs, increase efficiencies, increase productivity, improve fulfillment accuracy, and track inventory movements in real time.
  • Global Expansion: NetSuite OneWorld offers a unified global business management solution in real-time for Daston clients that manage multinational operations, all with the ability to meet compliance regulations around the world. Employees can view real-time metrics and business performance from anywhere in the world using web-based access.
  • Fixed Assets Management: Daston’s customers can control and report a complete asset lifecycle from creation to depreciation with NetSuite Fixed Assets Management. Businesses can customize depreciation methods, manage asset data by department, and integrate asset management with NetSuite’s accounting functionality, which eliminates the risk from error-prone spreadsheets.
  • Project Management: Daston’s customers can more effectively monitor the process of projects to increase productivity and drive efficiencies. They can track projects’ time and expense, issue invoices, assign tasks, and manage financials.

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