Strong, unique passwords are important to keeping your information secure. As a Google partner, Daston can help you and your organization create, remember, and autofill passwords on your employees phones or computers, all using Google Password Manager. This functionality is available via Google Chrome on the web, as well as iOS and Android apps on phones.

Google recently started rolling out several updates that help make the password managing experience easier, with stronger built-in protections. They include:

  • A unified, simplified password management system that’s the same in Chrome and Android settings. This update came after many users were confused why managing passwords between Chrome and Android looked so different.
  • Automatically grouping multiple passwords for the same apps or sites.
  • The ability to create a shortcut on your Android home screen to access passwords with one tap. 
  • The ability to create strong, unique passwords across platforms, which helps ensure those passwords aren’t compromised as you browse the Internet. 
  • A way to generate passwords for iOS apps when you set Chrome as your autofill provider.
  • The ability for Chrome to automatically check passwords when you enter them, and then check them in bulk with Password Checkup as an added layer of security. 
  • Listing compromised credentials, weak passwords, and re-used passwords on Android. 
  • The ability to easily fix compromised passwords with the automated password change feature on Android.
  • Expanded offering of compromised password warnings to all Chrome users on Chrome OS, Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • The ability to save passwords when you log in, filling them when necessary and ensuring they aren’t compromised. 
  • The ability to add your passwords to apps directly, now available on Google Password Manager on all platforms.
  • Adding Touch-to-Login to Chrome on Android, which makes logging in quicker by allowing you to securely log in to sites directly from the overlay at the bottom of your screen.

Want to learn how you can enhance password security for your enterprise with Google? Daston can help. Schedule a consultation today: (703) 288-3200