suiteworldThe Daston team recently strengthened its NetSuite knowledge base while expanding the company’s footprint at SuiteWorld, September 27-30 in Las Vegas.

“Our time at SuiteWorld was a great opportunity for us to meet other NetSuite partners and implementers, and to educate people who may not be aware that there is a DCAA-compliant SuiteApp for NetSuite that doesn’t need a huge integration, and that it can be used for any government contractor who requires compliance,” said Joe Alston, Daston VP of Sales. “The people we met were impressed with how in-depth our solution was.”

Alston joined Alexander Johnson from the accounting team for extensive training so they could increase their understanding of the NetSuite toolset in order to improve Daston’s SuiteApp while better serving customers.

“We are pretty seamless now, but the training adds to us being able to make sure our integration is tight and that we are aligned with NetSuite, exactly where we need to be,” Alston said. “And, as new products come out, we can make sure our functionality enhances them where it applies to DCAA compliance.”

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