We at Daston know how important it is for you to keep up with the latest business trends. Over the last two years, we have seen a huge uptick in the number of people using messaging to connect with businesses, so we have put processes in place to help our clients take advantage of this increasing trend.

To help you seamlessly converse with customers when they need help, we have partnered with Google to introduce AI-powered Business Messages to our clients.

People turn to search engines—particularly Google—when they are trying to make a purchase or simply seeking answers. With AI-powered Business Messages, you can connect with customers in their moment of need when they are searching for answers on Google Maps, Google Search, or any brand-owned channel.

Because it is important for interactions with your business to be simple, personalized, and helpful, Google designed AI-powered Business Messages so that customers can chat with virtual agents that respond naturally. Google also is combining automation with the ability to chat with live agents if needed, saving your customers time and saving you money.

Now the big question: how can you seamlessly install messaging capabilities? To make it quick and easy, Daston has partnered with Google to offer our clients Google AI tools such as Bot-in-a-Box and Dialogflow.

Enabling Business Messages with Bot-in-a-Box is as simple as leveraging an existing customer FAQ document you already have, whether it’s from an internal document or a web page. With Business Messages and Dialogflow working together, your chatbot will automatically understand and respond to customer questions. Bot-in-a-Box also supports “Custom Intents,” using machine learning to understand different ways that customers express a question and responding accurately.

Are you ready to engage customers in a virtual conversation, when and where they need it? Contact Daston today so that you can take advantage of this growing trend!