Create insights and automate processes with data

A modern business intelligence, embedded analytics, and data application platform.


  • Look ML: Looker’s modeling language.
    • Looker’s secret sauce is LookML, a powerful SQL-based modeling language. Analysts can use LookML to centrally define and manage business rules and definitions in one Git, version-controlled data model. LookML uses the information in the model to create efficient SQL queries on behalf of users. The model can remove technical skills as a potential barrier and frees up the data team to focus on innovation.
  • Embedded analytics:
    • Looker’s platform for embedded analytics makes it possible for data analysts, product managers, and developers to rapidly create custom applications and embed analytics in existing applications, websites, and portals. By embedding analytics, you can give users the insights they need within their workflows, including branded, external-facing data discovery environments for partners and customers. 
  • Data visualization, dashboards, and components.
    • Looker’s interactive and dynamic dashboards and components enable real-time data experiences governed by one trusted and unified data model. Users can choose from a library of visualizations or build their own to tell a unique story. They also have the flexibility to set up filters, set alerts to flag changes and irregularities, drill-in and ask more questions of the data, and integrate actionable insights. 
  • Looker API
    • The Looker API can provide a secure, “RESTful” application programming interface for customizing your Looker platform and for calling data. Using the Looker API, you can create custom applications and data-driven workflows, or write scripts that automate tasks such as provisioning new Looker accounts, running queries, scheduling reports, or embedding trusted insights into other systems and applications. , regardless of where it is.

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