Design, secure, analyze, and monitor APIs anywhere with visibility and control.


  • Deployment flexibility with Apigee hybrid.
    • With Apigee hybrid, you have the power to choose where to host your APIs—on-premises, Google Cloud, or hybrid. You manage and control the runtime, enabling you to position the gateways closer to your API traffic and leverage your existing compliance, governance, and security infrastructure, while harnessing cloud capabilities such as analytics, monitoring, and developer portal.
  • API-first integration with Apigee integration.
    • Connect existing data and applications, and surface them as easily accessible APIs that can power new experiences. With Apigee Integration, Google Cloud brings together the best of API management and integration, all in a unified platform leveraging cloud-native architecture principles that allows enterprise IT teams to scale their operations, accelerate developer velocity, and increase the speed to market.
  • AI-powered API monitoring.
    • Ensure APIs are always available and performing as expected to deliver seamless experiences for developers, customers, and partners. Identify and diagnose your API issues in just a few clicks. Apply AI to your historical API metadata to predict the behavior of your APIs and automatically detect anomalies in real time. Ensure APIs adherence to security and compliance requirements.
  • Monetize your digital assets with APIs.
    • Package your digital assets as APIs and monetize to unlock new revenue streams for your business. Apigee supports the creation and configuration of a broad range of API packages, revenue models, reports, payment gateways, and developer portal integrations. These capabilities help API providers launch fast and gain value from their APIs sooner.
  • Manage microservices as APIs.
    • Just as organizations need services management for microservices, they need API management for their APIs. Apigee API management platform complements Istio and Envoy by extending API management natively into the microservices stack.

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