Gary Callen, CEO

Meet The Daston Team

About Gary 

Mr. Gary Callen holds the esteemed position of Chief Executive Officer at Daston Corporation. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, Mr. Callen brings a wealth of experience in the payments industry, having served both the public and private sectors. His remarkable track record encompasses collaborations with diverse clientele, ranging from mid-tier private enterprises to the world’s largest corporations.

Mr. Callen’s tenure at Visa spanned a decade, during which he played a pivotal role in developing payment solutions for the United States federal government, state governments, and several prominent financial institutions. Renowned as a financial services leader, Mr. Callen possesses exceptional capabilities to drive and expand business volume. He excels in introducing products and services to the market, harmonizing customers’ business and technical requirements with the company’s financial objectives and strategies.

Mr. Callen is widely recognized for his expertise in business development, product management, and the delivery of financial application solutions. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to create motivated teams that consistently meet and exceed key performance metrics. Additionally, Mr. Callen’s background includes international sales, product development, and compliance.

Subsequently, Mr. Callen was recruited by Citigroup, where he spent the following decade establishing and expanding the payments solutions business. Capitalizing on his extensive product knowledge, prior successes, and established relationships, Mr. Callen secured over 60% of the U.S. federal government’s card programs including 78% of the federal agencies for Citigroup, propelling the organization to a leadership position in market share. Mr. Callen later assumed responsibility for managing the large corporate market, leading to a significant doubling of the portfolio’s size. During his tenure at Citibank, six of the prestigious Fortune 10 companies became clients under Mr. Callen’s guidance.

With the Daston Corporation, Mr. Callen is dedicated to building a business founded on superior products and services, guided by the principles of effective leadership, collaborative teamwork, and disciplined management.